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The Roles tab in the Access Control section of the Administration console enables you to review the roles in your tenant. 

You must have either the Tenant Admin or View Admin role to access the Roles tab.

To view the roles in your tenant:

  1. In the Administration console, navigate to Access Control > Roles.
  2. View the list of roles.
The Roles tab in Administration console. The Tenant Admin role is selected.  The policy details display on the bottom half of the screen.

The Roles tab displays:

  • the roles in your tenant
  • the policy associated with each role
  • the description of each role
  • the number of users assigned to the role  

Click on the entry in the Users Assigned column to navigate to the Assignments tab and view a list of users assigned to that role.

Select an entry to view the policy details of the individual role.  For more information, see Policies.

Access Control Administration Roles

These roles are potentially available to assign:

Note: The workspace administrator role is set in the model. For more information, see Designate workspace administrators.