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  2. Excel Add-in 3.4
  3. Get help using the Excel Add-in

If you need help once you've installed the Add-in, want to learn more, or need to contact Anaplan Support, click the Anaplan tab in Excel, and then click Help.

You have the following options:

AnapediaLearn how to use the Excel Add-in. This opens the Excel Add-in documentation in Anapedia.
Contact supportSend an email to Anaplan support if you're having an issue with the Excel Add-in.
FeedbackSend an email to give feedback to the Excel Add-in team.
AboutSee information about the Excel Add-in, including the version you have installed. You'll need this information if you want to raise an issue with Anaplan Support.
Check for UpdatesCheck to see if there are any updates available.

Learn how to update the Excel Add-in