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Anaplan supports a number of keyboard shortcuts, for both QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards. The shortcuts enable rapid movement between modules as you build your models.

The shortcuts work with all supported browsers, with one exception: Alt + ? does not work on MacOS using Firefox and an AZERTY keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts are also displayed alongside some menu items, for example, the Copy and Paste shortcuts on the context menu in a grid.

Display shortcuts

To display an overview of keyboard shortcuts in a model, either:

  • press Ctrl + ? or
  • on the Help menu, click Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the available keyboard shortcuts on a PC and a Mac.

PC shortcuts

Mac shortcuts

The Switch Tab Left and Switch Tab Right shortcuts move you between tabs in the order in which they were originally opened. If you change the order of tabs, the switch tab shortcuts will continue to move between tabs in accordance with the original order.

Why don’t Copy and Paste work directly from the menu?

On a web page, actions invoked by a keyboard shortcut take the command directly from the keyboard. Actions invoked from a menu are presented to the system as code, which creates the potential for a privacy or security violation. How this threat is dealt with depends on the way in which browsers are configured and any security policy that is in place.

Anaplan (and some web browsers) block commands initiated by JavaScript (or compiled to JavaScript from other languages) to protect the operating system clipboard from unauthorized access. Consequently, users must use keyboard shortcuts to invoke the Copy and Paste commands.

A small number of browsers, such as IE11, may prompt the user for permission to access the clipboard for the duration of the browser session. A dialog will display, with an option to allow the web page to access the system clipboard (Read access for Copy commands and Write access for Paste commands). When the browser is closed and subsequently opened, and a Copy or Paste action is initiated, the dialog may display again to obtain permission to access the clipboard for the duration of this new session.

Whenever the system clipboard is protected, Copy and/or Paste commands must be initiated from keyboard shortcuts.