Find your way around the new modeling experience in Anaplan quickly. 

Show and hide the Contents

Contents displays the modules, dashboards, and views that you have access to.  

Select in the settings bar to show the Contents.

Use the navigation bar 

The navigation bar that runs horizontally along the top of the browser window. On the left, there's an Anaplan logo in the shape of the letter A, with the label 1. Then the Application menu, with Models selected; this has the label 2. Then a breadcrumb displays the workspace and model, with the label 3. On the right side, from right to left, capital initials display with the label 5, then a question mark with the label 4, then notification and search icons, unlabeled.

You can perform these tasks from the navigation bar:

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Switch between different applications. Depending on your access rights, you might have access to Apps, My Pages, Models, DocuSign, Administration, CloudWorks, or AppHub.  Your access is determined by your role, and what you have been granted access to.
  3. Change models. The models can be in different workspaces.
  4. Access different help resources, such as Community, Anapedia, Help for the page, Chat, and Support.
  5. Access your account, and log off.

Use the model settings bar

Navigate your model from the model settings bar.

Select a setting from the bar to open a configuration pane. For example, create lists in General lists , manage module data in Modules , or view an audit trail for changes to your model in History .

Select Expand or Collapse to expand or collapse the model settings bar. If you make your browser window smaller, some components in the model settings bar collapse into an additional menu. Select More to expand the additional menu.

Manage your tabs

You can reorder tabs in your model by dragging a tab to a new position. Right-click on a tab to view close and dashboard toolbar options. 

Note: You cannot reorder or close tabs with a .


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.