1. Import and export data
  2. Export Layouts
  3. Export Data in Tabular Single Column Layout

The Tabular Single Column export layout takes all the dimensions and puts them as the columns, with the final column reserved for the data.

When you use the Tabular Single Column export layout, it removes line item styles. Use the Grid export layout if you need to retain line item styles.

  1. In a module, on the Data menu, click Export.
  2. On the File Type list, choose the file format of the export.
  3. Under Layout, click Tabular Single Column:
  4. Select either Current Line Item or All Line Items.
  5. If you want to exclude summary list or time items at all levels of the hierarchies from the export, select Omit Summary Items. See Omit Summary Items for more information.
  6. If you want to exclude any empty rows from the export, select Omit empty rows. To include empty rows, select Include Empty Rows.
  7. Select the Labels tab to choose whether to include or exclude Row Label Headers, List Names, Codes, or Properties :
    • To exclude dimension labels from the export, delete the value (the default is Name) by clicking the cross next to it. The field will then be blank.
    • To include dimension labels, select the name, code, and/or properties from the drop-down.

    Here, we've selected to export the Display Name for the #Products list items

  8. If you want to save an export definition, for later use, select the Save export definition check box. (You can overwrite the Export name if required.)
  9. If there are any list formatted line items in the module, then you will see a Line Items of Data-Type "List" tab. You can use this to select whether to export the name or code for the lists used for these line items.
  10. If you want to save the export for use at a later date, select the Save Export Definition check box. (You can overwrite the export name, if required.):
  11. Click Run Export. The export runs and you are prompted to open or save the file.
  12. When we open the .xls file for the tabular single column export, we see that for each line item a worksheet has been created and within each worksheet dimensions — the #Products list and Time — are each given a column and the data is shown in a single column:

  13. View saved export definitions on the Settings tab in the Actions area under Exports:

You can view saved export definitions and run, edit, and delete saved exports in Settings, Actions (under Exports). Saved exports can also be run via the Anaplan API.