1. Modeling
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  3. Lists and Roll-ups
  4. Work with the Users List

Use the Users list in your models to control model users' access to data, or to record data across a list of users.

Use the Users list with calculation functions

You can use the Users list with some calculation functions. However, when you use the Users list with a calculation function, you cannot reference specific users within the list as this is production data, which can change and make your formula invalid.

The functions you can use with the Users list are:

Aggregation calculation functions

Calculation functions

Configure the Users list as a picklist

  1. In an open module, create a line item.
  2. Open Blueprint.
  3. Select the Format column for your line item.
  4. Select the Type dropdown, and change the default format from Number to List.
  5. Select the List dropdown, and change the selection to Users.
  6. Click OK.
    The Format column displays the Users list.

Use the Users list as a module dimension

The Users list can also be used as a dimension for a module:

  1. When creating a module, drag the Users list from the Lists and Roll-ups panel into either your Pages or Columns boxes.
  2. Click OK.

Which users are included in the Users list?

Users assigned the No Access role are excluded from the Users list when it is used as a list-formatted line item or as a dimension.

Open SettingsUsers to view these excluded users.

When you open the module, only the other users will be displayed.