1. Modeling
  2. Dimensions
  3. Time
  4. Time Ranges
  5. Use Time Ranges in Modules or Line Items

Time ranges can be applied to a new or existing module, or a line item.

New Module

When creating a new module, the model calendar is offered as a default for the time dimension.

To view the available time ranges, drag Time out of the Columns pane and into Lists and Roll-ups: the time ranges are listed as children of Time (the Model Calendar).

If time (time range or model calendar) is used as a dimension of a module, granularity will be set to the default for the Calendar Type – months for Calendar Months/Quarters/Years, and weeks for the two weekly calendar types.

Any line items created at this point will have the same time dimensionality as the module. Any line items subsequently added to a module will default to the time dimensionality at the module level.

Be aware that if you change time dimensionality at module level, the change will not be automatically inherited by line items.