Anaplan is designed to run using today's typical network connection speeds. In terms of load on your network connection, Anaplan is comparable to opening the YouTube home page.

We regularly run performance tests on network loading at our customer implementations, and continually strive to improve reliability and scalability to optimize your Anaplan experience.

Recommended Connection Bandwidth

If you're running multiple Anaplan users across a single network connection, we recommend that you ensure 0.4 Mbps is available for each user. For example, if a single user has launched Anaplan and then opens a large populated dashboard, the load on your connection will average 0.4 Mbps.

You should be able to run down to approximately 0.2 Mbps per user without performance issues.

We recommend that the browser privacy and security settings are set up to save support cookies and to saves images in the cache.

3G mobile broadband connections running at approximately 6Mbs can support several concurrent Anaplan users.


To avoid impacts on performance:

  • Run Anaplan operations that involve large volumes of data transfer, such as Import or Export, outside of normal working hours. You can schedule these to run after office hours using Anaplan Connect.
  • If your end-users engage in high-intensity data entry operations, such as repeated manual entry into cells, higher bandwidth will be needed.
Note: Configure your network so that requests to Anaplan have at least 30 minutes before being timed out.

Handling Network Errors

If you encounter a network error:

  • If you're currently running Anaplan on a wireless network, switch to wired.
  • Ask your system administrator to check the network at your location.
  • Perform a packet loss test, such as

If you need further assistance contact Anaplan Support.


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.