Use a forecast action as a dimension to capture the forecast results from different forecast runs, that are driven using different algorithms and configurations. You can compare the different sets of forecast results against each other as they're stored in one module (your forecast results module). 

Use the forecast action dimension so you can compare different sets of predictions. For example, if you want to weigh up multiple algorithms against each other, or compare multiple forecast models built over different data collections.
The list item takes its name from the forecast action.

To compare different forecasts, follow this setup:

  1. Create a new list object and name it forecast actions.
  2. Edit the list and enter the names of the forecast actions as line items. 
  3. Create or modify a forecast results module and add the forecast actions list to Pages (known as context selectors in the UX).
    This list becomes a dimension. 
  4. Configure an import action for the forecast results module.
    The results of the forecast actions are captured in the forecast results module.


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