1. Modeling
  2. Naming Restrictions

Anaplan enforces naming restrictions to block harmful conflicts within a model structure.

Naming restrictions are not case-sensitive. Model builders should also be aware that using icons and other special characters when naming elements in models can have disruptive consequences.

If use any of the names mentioned on this page, a message displays indicating that the name is reserved for system use and is not valid.

In this topic, you can read about the restrictions relating to:

System reserved names

These names are reserved for list items and list properties:

  • Code
  • Currency
  • Name
  • Parent
  • Status

These names are reserved for modules, lists, dashboards, line item subsets, list subsets, functional areas, actions, imports, exports, and roles:

  • Currencies
  • Currency
  • List
  • Lists
  • Module
  • Modules
  • Time
  • User
  • Users
  • Version
  • Versions

Forbidden name duplications

When you add elements to a model — modules, lists, etc. — naming restrictions are imposed (within the context of that particular model) to block name duplication. For example, if your model is called Finance, none of the model elements can be called Finance.

The elements in this list cannot share the same name within in a single model:

  • Action
  • Dashboard
  • Export
  • Functional Area
  • Import
  • Line Item Subset
  • List
  • List Subset
  • Module
  • Role

Formatting constraints

Formatting constraints are applied to the text string naming model elements:

  • Control characters: control or non-printing characters, such as a tab character, are not allowed in names. The only exception to this constraint is the Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF) character, which is supported. An information message is displayed if you attempt to use a restricted control character. This constraint is particularly relevant when pasting text, that might contain control characters, from an external application.

  • Underscores: you can include an underscore within a name: Module_Name is fine. However, you can't use an underscore at the beginning or end of a name. If you use _Module Name or Module Name_, an information message will display.

Using icons and other special characters

Do not use icons, emojis, or any other 'special' characters in names or models:

  • Emojis, icons, and special characters may render inconsistently across different browsers making text and status fields unreadable.

  • When integrating with external systems these kinds of characters can carry risk. For example, if an Action name contains a special character, the name may not be transferred in a valid form across an API call.