1. Import and export data
  2. Export from Anaplan
  3. Omit Summaries from Exported Data

When exporting, you can choose to exclude summary list or time items at all levels of the hierarchies from the export (just select the Omit Summary Items option on the Export dialog box).

The Omit Summary Items option, if selected, will omit line items that are simple subtotals marked as Is Summary in the module blueprint, but not other formulae. So, in the example below, the checked Is Summary items — Total Costs and Total Sales — will be omitted but other formula line items — Gross Profit and Net Profit — will be included in the export.

Omit Summary Items will omit:

  • Line items marked as Is Summary in the module blueprint. (Normally, this includes all the simple sub-totals.)
  • All sub-totals and totals on normal hierarchical lists
  • Time totals
  • Items that are used as parent items in a composite hierarchy

Omit Summary Items will not omit:

  • Line item formulas that are not marked as Is Summary in module blueprint
  • Version formulae

Omit Summary Items and Subsidiary views

Omit Summary Items will omit totals based on the dimensionality of the view you are exporting from. Normally, this is the dimensionality of the module. For example, Line Item M has dimensionality of months (which in this case is also the default dimensionality of the module) and Line Item Q has dimensionality of quarters, which becomes a subsidiary view. Export with Omit Summary Items does not export totals for either of the line items — quarter, half-year or annual totals.

  Exported File

When the subsidiary view is open, the half-year and annual totals are omitted from the export.

  Exported File

Grid Export with Omit Summary Items

If you're on a total page and you export the current page in the grid layout with the Omit Summary Items option selected, then rather than export a blank page the current page is exported — still omitting summary rows and columns. In this case, current page overrides the conflicting choice of Omit Summary Items.

If you export all pages then any pages that are summary items are omitted. If there is more than one page dimension, then if either page label is a summary item, that page is omitted. If there are no detail pages at all, then the export file will be blank. In general, if the selection is such that there are no detail items to export, the export file will be empty when the Omit Summary Items option is selected.

Omit Summary Items applies to normal lists and time and to line items that are flagged as Is Summary in Blueprint mode. The Omit Summary Items option does not apply to calculated version items.