1. Modeling
  2. Dimensions
  3. Time
  4. Set the model calendar
  5. Set the Weeks: General calendar
  6. Changes to the Fiscal Year Label

The Fiscal Year Label appears in modules that use the Time dimension. The default label is FY. If you change the Fiscal Year Label to CY, to represent calendar years, it might impact imports.


If you import data into a module that uses Months in the Time Scale column, there's no impact when you change the Fiscal Year Label.

If you import data into a module that uses one of the following time scales, you may need to reconfigure your imports when you change the Fiscal Year Label:

  • Weeks
  • Periods (if you have 13 4-week Periods as the Calendar Type)
  • Quarters
  • Half Year
  • Year 

For example, take a module that uses one of the above time scales and run an import set to match on Name only. In this case, the import is unsuccessful, and you will see the message Invalid date or timescale identifier.

To fix imports, use the Custom fixed-position pattern import option when you map the Time dimension. Alternatively, change the time label in the source data.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.