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Anaplan provides a range of functions that enable you to work with text.

Text-formatted values enable you to collaborate with and capture insights from people who use the models you build. Use the text functions available in Anaplan to effectively work with this data.

You can use text functions to extract strings from text, find specific characters, concatenate text values, convert values to text, and more. See the full list of text functions in the table below.

COMPARECompares text values and returns 0 if they match, or 1 or -1 if they don’t.
FINDSearches for a text string within a text-formatted item.
LEFTExtracts a string of characters from text, starting at the leftmost character.
LENAn alternative version of the LENGTH function. Returns the number of characters in a text string.
LENGTHReturns the number of characters in a text string.
LOWERConverts text to lowercase.
MAILTOGenerates clickable links that send an email. You can specify recipients, subjects, and body text.
MAKELINKEmbeds a link to a URL within a cell.
MIDExtracts a number of characters from a text string, from a start position you select.
NAMEReturns the name of a list item or time period as text.
RIGHTExtracts a string of characters from text, starting at the rightmost character. 
SUBSTITUTEReplaces a single text character or a string of text characters with another.
TEXTConverts a numeric value to text.
TEXTLISTMerges a series of text values into a single value, separated by a comma or other separator.
TRIMRemoves additional spaces from text strings.
UPPERConverts text to uppercase.