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The header bar at the top of the Anaplan page enables you to access Anaplan functionality depending on the type of user to which you have been assigned and the apps that your organization uses.

Screenshot of an Anaplan Module showing the Global Header Bar with a Notification Indication

Application Menu

The Application menu shows the applications your user has access to.

From this menu you can also:

  • Click an application to go to that application.
  • Click Apps to navigate to the Anaplan User Experience.
  • Click Models to return to your list of models.
  • Click App Hub to go to the Anaplan App Hub.

Different options are shown depending on the applications to which you have been granted access and whether you are a tenant administrator, workspace administrator, model builder, or end user. Some or all of these applications might be shown:

  • Administration
  • Docusign

In this example, the user has access to DocuSign and Administration.

Model Name

You can click the name of the model to display the landing dashboard if you have been assigned one.

Click Model Title

Note: If a model is renamed, the new name is not shown until the next round-trip to the server.

Anaplan Logo

You can click the Anaplan logo to return to Home.

Anaplan header logo with cursor hovering over it

Notification Icon

Workspace notifications are indicated by a red circle with a white dot in the notification icon.

Click the icon to show the Notifications.

In this example, the workspace size is approaching the limit. To clear a notification, you must resolve the issue reported.

Help Icon

The Help menu icon displays a number of options to assist you.

Menu Item Description
Ask a question Enables you to search the Anaplan community based on a search term you enter.
Anapedia Displays Anapedia in a separate browser tab.
Show help for this page Displays the Anapedia page relating to the Anaplan page that you are currently viewing.
Keyboard shortcuts Displays a list of Anaplan keyboard shortcuts.
Get help from the community Displays the Anaplan Community home page.
Chat to a support person now Displays options for contacting Anaplan support.
Show / Hide tips

Enables you to show or hide the tool tips that normally appear when you hover over the buttons in the toolbar of a module.

Note: This has no effect on the dashboard toolbars.
Show all confirmations Enables you to reset all Confirm popups on which you have previously selected Don't ask me again so that they appear for each subsequent action that requires confirmation by default.
Show / Hide breakback markers Enables you to show or hide the Breakback marker on cells that have Breakback turned on.
Model Origins

Displays historic information about the model.

Note: This option is only shown if you're an administrator.

Displays the About popup with information about your:

  • Locale
  • Workspace
  • Model
  • User
  • Session

This also indicates whether Auto Refresh is enabled.

User Menu

The User menu icon shows your initials. Click your initials to display the user menu.

From a model, the menu might look like this:

User menu from a model selected with Profile, Manage Models and Log Out options.

Menu Item Description
My account

Displays your profile where you can edit your account profile details.

Manage Models

If you're an administrator, this enables you to copy, delete, rename, lock, archive, and restore models in the current workspace.

Note: This option is only shown if you're an administrator.
Logout Logs you out of Anaplan.