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  4. Solve refresh errors

In series 3 of the Excel Add-in, occasionally a send and refresh request that you made may not go through.

There are reasons for this that we consider here.  

You only need to troubleshoot if your send and refresh connection could not complete.
A dialog will display with the status of the send and refresh.

Here are some possible reasons that your send and refresh request did not go through:

  • Your permissions have changed in your connected Anaplan module or saved view since your last refresh. Ask a workspace administrator to check if your permissions have changed. If you no longer have access to the module or saved view, then you can no longer apply your changes.
  • Another user has made changes to the data in Anaplan since your last refresh. 
  • The cell(s) in Anaplan were read-write in the previous connection but have changed since to read-only.
    Cells may be read-only if they contain a formula, are affected by Breakback, or if you no longer have read-write access to the cell.
  • You have used the Brought-Forward configuration for a line item that is changed in a module and selected Refresh. The change displays in the Excel Add-in after you've logged out and logged in again.

If the send and refresh connection has errors, a Changes panel displays on the right of the Excel worksheet. 

To troubleshoot:

  1. Check the cells you made changes to.
    These are listed in the Changes panel for you to review.
    You can either re-apply or discard these changes.
    If the change is invalid, a Value type mismatch icon displays next to the listed data change. Discard this change (see Step 3).
    Otherwise, identify why the error occurred and correct this error before you re-apply your changes.
    If the error is due to one of the reasons listed above, you may need to make a change in the Anaplan model itself.
  2. Select the changes in the Changes panel that you want to re-apply or discard.
  3. Either:
    Click Re-apply your changes and then click Send and refresh.
    The changes are sent and refreshed to your Anaplan module or saved view again.
    If you receive another error message, this could be due to the change being invalid. In this case, discard the change (see below).
    Click Discard changes.
    This is recommended if the Value type mismatch icon displays next to the listed data change.
    The selected changes are removed from your worksheet. 
  4. If you discard your changes, you can make new data changes and send and refresh your connection again.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.