To create a data collection, PlanIQ assembles your datasets and uses the collection to create a forecast model. If you need to, you can always rerun a data collection assembly. 

Set up your data collection to start the data collection assembly. 

The data collection assembly

Once you select Create data collection, this triggers your data collection assembly. The assembly consists of an export from the source model, and a series of validation checks.

An export from the source model

An export is made from the source model.
Other users must wait until the export completes to make any more changes to the source model. The export takes a very short amount of time to complete.

Validation checks

Then, the data goes through validation checks. PlanIQ checks that the data is in the correct format, analyzes which time scale to apply to the forecast, and checks for any potential errors in the data.

When the data assembly finishes, your data collection is ready to use in your forecast model.
The right pane displays an overview of the assembled data, and the properties that make up the data collection. 

Rerun a data assembly

If there are some issues with the data collection, you can rerun the data collection assembly. This can help fix those issues. 


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