If you have access to Certificates in Anaplan, you can register and maintain certificates as part of Certificate Authority (CA) authentication.

    Certificate Authority (CA) Authentication

    Certificate Authority (CA) authentication lets you use certificates from an external public certificate authority with Anaplan APIs and Anaplan Connect. To use CA authentication with Anaplan APIs and Anaplan Connect, your users must submit certificates with a valid, recognized external public CA as the root certificate. As the Tenant Administrator, you can register and manage these certificates in Anaplan.

    Why use CA Certificates?

    CA authentication offers a certificate hierarchy known as the "chain of trust" that enables you to verify the validity of a certificate issuer. This aligns with industry standards and provides a higher level of security for Anaplan customers.

    Anaplan-signed certificates will expire soon. You can still use basic authentication with v1 API-based integrations. We encourage you to upgrade to v2 API-based Integrations supporting basic authentication and CA certificate authentication.

    Using CA certificates:

    • Anaplan customers who use data integrations can authenticate API sessions.
    • Anaplan customers who use data integrations enabled for Single Sign-On (SSO) can:
      • Submit a CA certificate to authenticate API sessions and receive a Java Web Token (JWT)
      • Use the CA even if passwords have expired
    • API users can use CA certificates instead of entering a username and password
    Authentication automatically fails when you submit an expired certificate.

    Customer Responsibilities

    If your organization uses CA Authentication, your organization assumes responsibility for your users' certificates. You must:

    With CA authentication, Tenant Administrators can further use the Anaplan Administration console to:


    We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.