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  7. Configure fields on a field card

You can configure input fields on a field card using the Configure field panel in Card designer. Use this feature to customize your field cards.

You can configure field cards either when you create a field card or later, if you want to edit the card.

If you've already created the card you want to configure, enter designer mode and select the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the card to open Card designer.

You can configure input fields via the Configure field panel in a three-stage process:

  1. Open the Configure field panel.
  2. Configure the field.
  3. Update the field card.
A process flow displays as three blue arrows with white text. The text on the first arrow states: Open the Configure field panel. The text on the second arrow states: Configure the field. The text on the third arrow states: Update the field card.

Open the Configure field panel

To open the Configure field panel:

  1. Click the field you want to configure on the preview.
    The Configure field panel displays on the right-hand side of Card designer.
Card designer displays with the Configure field panel open on the right. Name and Label fields display on the panel. The Name field is grayed out. Beneath the Label field is a toggle labeled Enable multiple lines.

The configuration options that display depend on the type of field selected.

The Name and Label fields always display. Enable multiple lines only displays if you select a text field.

Name is a read-only field that contains the name of the line item that the input field displays. By default, the label for an input field is the same as the name of the line item. You can edit the Label field to provide context or guidance.

Note that when you change the name of the label, this does not change the name of the associated line item. If you delete the label, the Label field displays the line item name as the default value.

Configure the field

If you want to configure:then:
an input field labelenter the label you want to use in the Label field.
The preview updates to display your label above the selected field.
a single-line text field to enable users to enter text on more than one line

toggle Enable multiple lines  to the right.
The text field in the preview expands to display four lines.
The Number of lines drop-down menu displays. The selection defaults to 4

Select between 1 and 15 from the drop-down menu to change the number of lines in the field.

The field displays the number of lines you select. If users enter more lines, a scroll bar displays.

a multiline text field so that users can only enter text on a single line

toggle Enable multiple lines to the left.
The text field in the preview contracts to display a single line.

Note: If the field contains text on multiple lines before you change the field to a single line, the text now displays on the same line.

Update the field card

When you're happy with your changes:

  1. Click Update.
    The field card updates in designer mode.
  2. Click Publish.
    The field card updates on your page.