Before a forecast action generates your predictions, it needs a forecast results module, and an import action, it can save the predictions into. Create this module and import action before you use PlanIQ. 

You can set the import up so you can compare different sets of predictions in the same module. 

This section helps you prepare a place in Models, for PlanIQ to send the predictions to as soon as they're generated. Here's what you need:

1. Forecast results module

Create a module that forecast actions can import your predictions into. You can use this module to store and compare different forecast results. 
Learn how to create your forecast results module

2. Compare different forecast results

You can import different sets of predictions into the same module to help you compare them against each other.
Learn how to compare different forecast results in one module.

3. Import action

Configure an import action to import your predictions from PlanIQ to your forecast results module. 
Learn how to create an import action for your forecast results

After you complete 1-3 above, the next steps are to set up your data collection in PlanIQ. 


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