1. Administration and security
  2. Manage Models
  3. Import Models

When you import a model, you bring a copy of a model into your workspace. Imported models are not linked to the original model from which it was copied.

For example, If you import a model from Workspace X to Workspace Y, the administrators and users in Workspace Y gain access to a newly-created copy of the model in Workspace Y. The administrators and users in Workspace X still have access the original model in Workspace X. These copies are not linked, and a change to one does not affect the other.

To import a model into your current workspace:

  1. Click Import.
    The Import Model dialog appears.
  2. In the Model Name box, enter a name for the model you are importing.
  3. On the Source list, choose the environment that contains the workspace of the model you want to import. Typically, the environment is Anaplan.
  4. Usually, the only Source environment listed for import is Anaplan.
  5. Click OK. A dialog displays where you can select the specific workspace you want to import from.

    The filtered list of available workspaces displays:

    • only the workspaces belonging to the current customer.
    • workspaces assigned to a Single Sign-On (SSO) server (if your organization uses SSO).
  6. Select the workspace from where you want to import a model. The Import Model dialog adjusts to show an additional Model list.
  7. On the Model list, select the model you want to import.
  8. Click OK. The import process starts and a message tells you when the import is complete.

The Model Management dialog closes and the imported model opens.

If you opened the Model Management dialog with a model already open and started the model import, when the import process is complete the existing model you had open is replaced with the imported model. However, the model you first opened remains open on the server until a time-out occurs.