1. Import and export data
  2. Import Data into Models
  3. Import Line Items in Blueprint View

Line items can be updated by importing from a text file. The simplest import file you can import consists of a single column with names of line items. However, you can create simple hierarchies within line items by importing a text file with 2 columns: one containing the item name, the other the parent. It is also possible to import a code assigned to a line item with another additional column.

Line items are imported from the module blueprint view. If you select import in normal module grid view, you will launch a module import.

To import line items into a module:

  1. Open a module into which you want to import additional line items:
  2. In this example of a simple Profit and Loss module we'll import 4 product sales line items, each with a Total Sales parent:

  3. Click the Blueprint icon and on the Data menu, click Import:
  4. The Select Source dialog appears:

  5. Click Upload New File and browse for the text file you want to import. The File Options dialog box is displayed:
  6. Set the Header Row and First Data Row and any other preferences then click Next
  7. Map the column containing the line item names and optionally the columns containing the parent or code.
  8. Click Run Import. You can view the results of the import on both the Result Summary and Details tabs:

Here, the import completed successfully. If the import fails or there are warnings, these will be clearly flagged and you can open the Details tab to check specific reasons for failures or warnings.

When we close the import results dialog and return to the module blueprint view, we can see that the 4 product sales line items have been imported together with a Total Sales parent line item. Note especially that because Total Sales was mapped in as the parent to each of the sales line items, a simple addition formula has been automatically inserted for this line item, which will yield the total value of the 4 child line items. You can of course edit this formula, if you want something different for the Total Sales value:


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.