1. Administration and security
  2. Security

Anaplan is built using the core principles of information security:


Data is always encrypted.

  • Data in transit uses HTTPS with 2048-bit certificates, using TLS 1.2.
  • Session key length is negotiated by the end-user browser, using the strongest available encryption.
  • Data at rest is protected using AES-256 full disk encryption,


The following security and privacy-related frameworks, audits, and certifications are applicable to Anaplan:

  • Service Organization Control (SOC) reports
  • TRUSTe Privacy Seal
  • EU – US Privacy Shield
  • Cloud Security Alliance STAR

You can view Anaplan's Privacy Shield status.

Note: Anaplan only supports browsers that support the RFC-6455 WebSocket protocol. If your browser does not support this protocol, some features of Anaplan might be limited.