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In series 3 of the Excel Add-in, Refresh and Refresh Workbook enable you to update your connection to the Excel Add-in with the most recent changes made to your Anaplan data.

The refresh function synchronizes your Excel data with Anaplan. Once the refresh completes, the Excel Add-in displays the latest data that is in the Anaplan module or the view you connected to.
Each time you refresh a connection, a dialog displays to inform you of the status of the refresh. If the refresh can't complete, the dialog displays a message that explains why, and what action to take to finish the refresh. 

The refresh behaves differently, depending on the data changes made:

Data change madeRefresh result
Changes you made in Excel to cells that contain source data from AnaplanThese changes are lost
Cells that you added to the Excel worksheet (that aren't cells from the source module or view in Anaplan)These changes are kept
Sometimes, the source module is deleted in Anaplan whilst you work on it in the Excel Add-inThat data is removed in Excel
If your access to the module or a part of the module has been removed in AnaplanThat module or part of a module is removed from Excel. Details of this display in a dialog
Changes you made to the way the data pivots and filters in ExcelThe way the data is pivoted and filtered in Excel remains unchanged on refresh. The data itself updates 
Cell rangeKeep the cell range together rather than split it. This is in order for it to update upon refresh. 

Learn how to refresh a connection.


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