You need the Enterprise version of Anaplan to use Optimizer, as Optimizer is an entitled service. It then must be enabled in your Customer, or Tenant, after which it will be available in all workspaces within it.

Your Account Executive can begin the process of enabling Optimizer in your model. Once enabled, Customer Success can help you set up Optimizer in your enabled model. The solution will be unique to your business' needs and constraints, and your Optimizer dashboard in Anaplan will reflect this. Typically, each dashboard will feature:

  • input boxes where end users can enter values appropriate to your scenario.
  • a button on the dashboard that runs the Optimizer.
  • variable fields where your solution is displayed.

This enables any end user with access to your Optimizer dashboard to update the input variables and run the Optimizer as often as needed.


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.