1. Anaplan User Experience
  2. Build apps and pages in the User Experience
  3. Build with cards
  4. Card template library
  5. Remove a card from the template library

Remove a card from the template library so that it can no longer be added to pages. This is good practice when the source of data on a card becomes less relevant to users.

A card removed from the template library cannot be recovered. However, instances of that card continue to display on pages, and you can add an existing card to the template library.

To remove a card from the template library:

  1. Open a page in designer mode.
  2. Under Card template library in the side panel, select next to the card template you want to remove.
  3. Select Delete.
    The Delete dialog displays.
  4. If you're sure you want to remove the card template, select Delete.
    The card no longer displays in the template library.


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