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  4. Delete from List using Selection

This action is useful if you want to delete items from a very large list - one that contains thousands of items for example.

There are two methods of deleting items from a list:

Create a control module with a delete flag

In this example we'll create a control module to use in conjunction with a Delete from list using Selection action to delete items from a Products list:

  1. Create a two-dimensional control module that has the Products list on rows and a single Boolean formatted Delete line item on columns.
  2. Use the Boolean Delete line item to select which items you want to delete from the Products list:

  1. Create and configure a Delete items from xxxx Selected using: action:

    The Delete Boolean line item used in the Delete Which Products? control module will be available for the Selected using option for the action.
  1. In Actions under Settings, select the action.
  2. Click Run:

    A confirmation dialog appears telling you how many items will be deleted from the list.
  1. Click OK. The Delete from list using Selection action executes and deletes the items selected using the Delete line item in the control module:

    Plums, Blueberries, and Kiwis have been deleted.

Use a Formula

You can specify which items to delete if you have a module formula which picks list items automatically.

Here's an example of this in the Delete Which Products? control module, used for the Delete line item :

Any list items where it is true that "as" are the last two letters of the name are selected for deletion.