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  3. DocuSign for Anaplan

The DocuSign for Anaplan integration is only available to Professional and Enterprise customers.

Don't have a DocuSign account? Visit go.docusign.com/DocuSignforAnaplan/ to learn more and sign up for a special plan for Anaplan Customers. You can use the integration if you've signed up for a DocuSign Business Pro plan or higher.

The DocuSign for Anaplan integration enables you to email DocuSign documents populated with Anaplan data. You can quickly send documents to multiple recipients, track signatures, and view progress in real-time, in just a few clicks.

Here's an overview of how it works:

1. Create an Envelope

  • Define the module and view that contain the data you want to use, and the DocuSign Template you want to send.
  • Map the tags in your DocuSignTemplate to the column headers in your view. This tells the integration where to populate the Anaplan data.

2. Create a Workflow

  • Define the module and view that contain the list of recipients you want to send your document to.
  • Specify whether you want to track the status of your envelope and individual documents in Anaplan.

3. Preview the Envelope

  • Make sure your envelope is set up correctly before you send it. For example, are the email addresses correct?

4. Send the Envelope

  • Each recipient in your DocuSign Workflow receives a DocuSign email with a link to the document they need to view or sign.

5. Track the Envelope

  • Track the status of envelopes and individual documents from the integration.
  • If you've selected the Track status in Anaplan option, you can track the status of envelopes in Anaplan. Click Update Anaplan to manually track your status from the integration.

Before you Begin

Before using the integration, consider:

  • what Anaplan data do you want to communicate?
  • what document do you want to send?
  • who will be signing the document? What are their roles?
  • where in the document do you want to insert Anaplan data?
  • where in the document will the recipients sign?
  • do you want to track the signing status in Anaplan?

Before you can use the integration, you must log in to Anaplan and connect a DocuSign account as described in Log in and Connect your DocuSign Account.

Read Set Up and Configure DocuSign for Anaplan to make sure that your Anaplan and DocuSign accounts are properly configured.

Supported Browsers

The integration supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.