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The Delete Branch action can be used to delete an entire branch of a hierarchical tree, or just the immediate children, by selecting the item at the top of the tree. It deletes one or more items from a specified numbered list. Delete Branch removes the specified items, and all descendent items in all child hierarchies, as well as all associated data. It can act on leaf or aggregate-level items. Delete Branch cannot delete the "top-level item", which can be specified for a list that has no parent list. The items to delete are inferred from what is selected on a dashboard grid, or in a list.

The Delete Branch action can be applied in two ways:

  • All levels— also known as a 'deep delete'. If selected, the Delete Branch action will delete the parent, all descendent items and all data.
  • Immediate children only— deletes the parent and immediate children only. Any levels below this will remain.

Selective Access

Only items to which a user has write access can be deleted. If there are read-only items in the user's selection, the read-only items will not be removed. If none of the selected items are writable, Anaplan won't proceed with the delete action.

Setting up a Delete Branch action

When you create a delete branch action, there's a 60-character limit on the button text. A warning appears on the Delete Branch dialog if you exceed that limit.
  1. In the Action tab in Model Settings, click the New Action button and from the list presented, select Delete Branch.
  2. In the Button text box, type the label that will appear on the button.
  3. On the Delete from list, select the list that you want to delete items from.
  4. On the Level to delete list, choose All levels or Immediate children only and click OK.
  5. If you want to make this action available as a button on a dashboard, in Settings click Actions.
  6. On the View menu click Publish to Dashboard and select a dashboard. The Dashboard Designer will display with the button at the bottom of the dashboard.
  7. Drag the button to the required location.
  8. From the Dashboard menu, click Save and Exit Dashboard Designer.

Use the Delete Branch action

You can edit a delete branch action at any time in the Actions tab in Model Settings.

  1. Select an item from the parent hierarchy of the list that you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete Branch action button. A confirmation dialog displays.
  3. Click OK to continue with the delete branch action.