To use the DocuSign for Anaplan integration, you must first configure both Anaplan and DocuSign.

    Configure Anaplan

    Create a View for Envelope Data

    First, create a separate module and view for your envelope data, including the data you want to send and the contact details of your recipients.

    To format the view:

    • Give column headers unique names.
    • If your document follows signing steps (Signer 1 followed by Signer 2 and so on), create one column for email addresses and one column for the names of each recipient. Example: You're sending employment contracts that must be signed by new hires and their managers. Create four columns: two columns for the names and email addresses of new hires and two more for the names and email addresses of their managers.
    Note: The DocuSign integration supports all Anaplan data types with the exception of the List data type. Ensure that the List formatted line items are not present in the Anaplan View used for DocuSign Integration.

    Once complete, don't modify any of the parameters until you've sent the document and all recipients have signed it.

    Tip: Is your module cluttered? Try creating two different views, making sure they both have the same:
    • dimensions.
    • lists displayed on rows (in the same order). For example, recipients' names, IDs, numbers, etc.
    • hidden rows.
    • level of hierarchy selected.

    View 1: Include the recipients' names and email addresses. To track the signing status from Anaplan, add the necessary columns and apply the correct formatting. For more information, see Work with Envelopes.

    View 2: Include recipients' names and data to put in the document.

    When you use the integration, you can select between the views depending on the information you're asked to retrieve.

    If necessary, consult with your Workspace Administrator to define how to best configure your module.

    Create a View to Track the Signing Status in Anaplan (Optional)

    You can track the signing status of each sent document in Anaplan, which is useful if you'd like to share that information with people who don't have access to the integration or DocuSign account. Start by identifying the DocuSign information you want to collect and where you want it to be displayed (in which columns of your view).

    Here's the data you can collect:

    • Envelope Name: The name of the envelope to which the sent document belongs.
    • [recipient role] Sent Date: The date the document was sent to the recipient.
    • [recipient name] Action: The action the recipient needs to perform: sign, review, or copy.
    • [recipient name] Action Completed Date: The date the recipient signed the document. This information is available only if your recipient has to sign the document.
    • Envelope Status Status of the sent document. Every document’s status can be individually tracked.
    • Sent Document (PDF): Click the URL to open a PDF copy of the sent document. The integration must be connected to the DocuSign account that was used to send the envelope.

    Next, insert columns for the data you want to collect. You can customize the column headers or match the data as the bullet points above. The data appears in the view and is updated automatically when you click Update Anaplan.

    If you collect information that refers to recipients (for example, [recipient role] Sent Date, [recipient name] Action, [recipient name] Action Completed Date), make sure you create a column for each recipient in your signing DocuSign workflow.

    View Examples

    Use this example to practice creating a view.

    1. Create a "Rep Summary" module to contain the data you want to send to your sales reps.
    2. Save a view that contains the data you want to send to your recipients. This data is automatically populated in the Envelope selected in the Envelope wizard. For clarity, you can display recipients' names on rows.

    3. Save a view that contains the recipients' names and email addresses. The Envelope being sent must be signed by your sales reps and their managers, so create columns containing the sales reps' details and columns for their managers.
    4. To track the signing status of the envelope in Anaplan, create the necessary columns to display the information in a way that helps you follow the status.

    Configure DocuSign

    Configure DocuSign by performing the following tasks.

    1. Create DocuSign Templates.
    2. Configure recipients.
    3. Add DocuSign tags.

    Create DocuSign Templates

    Create the DocuSign Templates you want to send from within your DocuSign account.

    Configure Recipients

    In each DocuSign Template:

    • add a role for each recipient. The role enables you to identify each person in the workflow who must sign the document. When using the integration, you'll match these roles to the corresponding recipient column in your Anaplan view.
    • don't enter any name or email address as these are retrieved from Anaplan.
    • give recipients one of the following actions: Needs to Sign, Needs to View, or Receives a Copy.
    • where your Envelope has more than one recipient, set the signing order. The signing order lets you define the workflow—the order in which your document is received by recipients.

    Add DocuSign Tags

    You can add multiple DocuSign tags in any given DocuSign Template. These tags are automatically populated with Anaplan data when you send the Envelope. When working with tags, make sure you:

    • select the first recipient in the signing order before adding any tags in the DocuSign Template. Any tags added when a different recipient is selected are ignored.
    • only Text tags are populated with Anaplan data.
    • enter a label for each Text tag in the Data Label field. When creating envelopes, labels enable you to identify your DocuSign tags and quickly map them to the relevant data in Anaplan (i.e. the column headers in your view). If you don't enter a label, a number displays.
    • select the relevant recipient before adding any Signature tag in the DocuSign Template.
    • all documents in a DocuSign Template must have at least 1 tag of type Text. If there are no tags with type Text, the template may not be available for mapping.

    For more information, see DocuSign Support.

    Once DocuSign and Anaplan are properly configured, you can Create Envelopes.