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Views enable you to see the data in a module from different perspectives. You can use Pivot, Page Selectors, and Compare to re-arrange the data by different dimensions to create alternative views of the module.

Each saved view will present your data in a different slice, a different page selection, and even a color-coded compare if it was defined that way.

There's no limit to the number of views you can create and you can save them: on the View menu click Save As. The View menu is available on the Anaplan Toolbar when you're working in a module.

  • In Contents: views appear indented under their source module.
    Anaplan Contents View
  • In the module itself: on the View menu, click Open and choose a view.
    Anaplan Module Toolbar View Menu with Open Selected

Manage Views

In a module, on the View menu, click Manage Views to:

  • Open a view.
  • Move Up, Move Down to reorder the views on the list.
  • Rename the selected view.
  • Delete the selected view.
  • Reset Default View to revert to the original format of the view