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Use the MOD function to return the remainder when one number is divided by another.

If the divisor is 0, MOD returns 0.


MOD(dividend, divisor)

The MOD function has the following arguments:

Argument Data type Description
dividend (required)


The number you want to divide.

divisor (required)


The number you want to divide the dividend by.


The MOD function has no constraints.


The following table shows some example formulas using the MOD function.

You can enter values directly into your formula, or reference line items or list properties.

Formula Description Result
MOD(Party.Beverages, Party.Guests)

This example shows how you can include line items or list properties in your formula. In this example, the value of Party.Beverages is 200, and the value of Party.Guests is 30.


MOD(26.6, 7.1)

In this example, the MOD function calculates the remainder after 26.6 has been divided by 7.1.


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