1. Modeling
  2. Work with data
  3. Sort data
  4. Change sort order

In a module, use Sort to change the display order of columns and rows.

Sort Order can be ascending or descending. To set the sort order, see Sort data.

Sort Order follows these formatting conventions:

  • For text and list data types, the sort is alpha-numeric: blanks, then punctuation marks, then numbers, then A-Z. This order can be reversed.
  • For dates, the sort order is blanks then earliest to latest. This order can be reversed. 
  • If values are tied, the sort order is based on the default order in the list.
  • If a column contains a mix of data types, each data type is considered as a separate group and the sort is applied within the group.
  • For composite hierarchies, each level of the hierarchy is sorted separately.


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