Administrators can change the grid style for all the grids in a model; end users can change the grid style for the grid they are working with.

Change an individual grid style

The default style for a grid on a dashboard is Classic, but it’s easy to change.

  1. On the dashboard element menu, click Format > Grid Style.
  2. Choose from Classic, Clear, Ruled, or Striped grid styles.

The grid style of the dashboard element is immediately updated. If you’re an end user, any change you make will persist only until you exit the dashboard. If you want to keep your changes you could save the dashboard with a different name.

Global Grid Style

The global grid style is the default style used when publishing new grids to a dashboard.

Administrators can change the default style (Classic) to one of a number of alternative styles.

Changing the global grid style will not change the style of existing grids that have already been published to a dashboard; to change the style of existing grids, visit each grid and on the Format menu select Grid Style.

  1. In Model Settings, click Dashboards.
  2. On the View menu, click Global Default Grid Style and select from Classic, Clear, Ruled or Striped.

Grid Styles


This is the default style for all grids unless the global style is changed or grids are changed on individual dashboards.

This style has no cell boundaries or label shading.


This style has thin horizontal grid lines but no label shading.


This style features an alternating row background.


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