Workspace administrators can easily manage dashboards. In Model Settings, select Dashboards. You can view all the dashboards in a model and see:

  • The functional area to which each dashboard is assigned.
  • The modules each dashboard references.
  • The model roles for which any dashboard is a landing dashboard.

This information is particularly useful when users are experiencing issues with landing dashboards, or a landing dashboard appears to be invalid, and you need to work out why. It's likely that the user doesn’t have access to one or more modules referenced by the dashboard.

In addition, you can:

Insert a dashboard

A 60 character limit is imposed on dashboard names and a warning appears on the Insert dialog if you exceed that limit.

You can create blank dashboards and publish elements to them.

  1. Click Insert on the toolbar to create one, or multiple, blank dashboards. Insert is a standard function that works in the same way for every element in Anaplan.
  2. Add the name of each new dashboard on a new line, choose where in the list you want each one to appear, and click OK.

Assign a dashboard to a functional area

Like modules, dashboards can belong to Functional Areas. To assign a dashboard to a Functional Area, select one from the Functional Areas dropdown list on the Dashboards tab.

Insert a note

To identify the purpose and context of the dashboard, double-click the Notes field and enter a note.

Rename a dashboard

To rename a dashboard, double-click the dashboard name, or select the dashboard in the grid and press F2. Type the new name and press Enter.

Reorder dashboards

Reorder is a standard function that works in the same way for every element in Anaplan.

Click Reorder on the toolbar. The Reorder Dashboards dialog provides the options you need to reorganize the list of dashboards.

Delete a dashboard

Delete is a standard function that works in the same way throughout Anaplan: you can delete a dashboard in the same way you delete a module or list items. Deleting a dashboard will not affect the data in any of the modules the dashboard elements were published from.

If you select a Landing dashboard that's currently in use, a message will inform you that it's not possible to delete an active Landing dashboard.

  1. On the Model Settings tab, select Dashboards, and click Delete. The Delete from Dashboards dialog is displayed for you to select the dashboards to delete.
  1. Click OK to confirm.


We update Anapedia regularly to provide the most up-to-date instructions.