1. Modeling
  2. Model Settings
  3. Dashboards

A dashboard is a combination of grids and charts published from modules in a model. Each dashboard can have as many grid and chart elements as you like and these elements can be drawn from different modules.

Displayed in a grid, each dashboard is shown on a row with its usage details across columns (you will need to scroll to the right of the screen to see all the attributes).

Creation of meaningful and powerful dashboards is discussed in the Dashboards & Visualization section of Anapedia.

Insert a Dashboard

Insert a new module in Settings > Dashboards.

  1. In Model Settings > Dashboards, click Insert....
  2. In the New Module dialog, enter one (or more) dashboard name(s), choose a position, and click OK.
    • A 60-character limit is imposed on list names, and a warning displays if you exceed it.
  3. Click OK. The new dashboard is created and shown in grid view.

The columns in the Dashboards page shows the usage details for each dashboard:

Name The name assigned to the dashboard - this is displayed in the tab when the Dashboard is opened
Functional Area Categories used to group together modules, dashboards, and views
Used Modules Modules displayed in the dashboard
Referenced as Landing Dashboard Roles which have this dashboard presented to them when they log in