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Returns a value from the next version.




  • x: Line item to return


Input Format Output Format

x: Number, Boolean, date, time period, list item, text

Matches the data format used by argument x


The function uses the following arguments:

  • x: Line item: Number, Boolean, date, time period, list item, text


The function has the following constraints:

  • Result formatting must match source formatting.
  • If source is list-formatted, result must be formatted to the same list.
  • If source is time period-formatted, result must be match.

Excel equivalent

  • No Excel equivalent

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In this example, we have a simple Income Statement module, with line items on rows, a time dimension on columns, and Organization and Versions as pages. The model is configured for three versions: Budget, Actual, and Forecast, in that order:

The Forecast version has data entered after the Mar 14 switchover for the number-formatted Cost of Goods line item:

We can use NEXTVERSION in a number-formatted result line item to show the Forecast Cost of Goods values when the Actual version is the page selection:

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