Note: This functionality is not available in Polaris. Polaris is currently in early access and is only available to some users.

Anaplan Optimizer uses linear programming to quickly solve complex problems involving thousands of inputs, aiding business planning and decision-making. Optimizer does this by identifying values for variables that maximize or minimize the configured objective — such as most profitable, fastest, or cheapest — while accounting for any specified constraints.

Optimizer can be operated through a dashboard or worksheet page, which allows you to make speculative ad-hoc changes to input parameters. Using Optimizer is streamlined so that the model builder and the end user can perform all their work in Anaplan, meaning that end users can create and run optimization processes without support from IT personnel. There is no need for an analyst or programmer to write code for a new application, or for the end user to export Anaplan data to an external tool, work with that tool, and then import the results back into the Anaplan model.

Optimizer is an entitled service, so you need to opt-in to access the feature. Your Account Executive can assist you with enabling Optimizer.

Some problems may not result in any feasible or optimal solution, most commonly when a problem is unbounded or has no valid solutions. This can’t be detected prior to running Optimizer, but an explicit error message is displayed in such cases.

Note: We recommend you review the Limitations section before implementing the Anaplan Optimizer.


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