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The Create action enables a workspace administrator to set up an automated process where users can:

  • insert new items into a numbered list or numbered list subset, then
  • click a button to jump to a specified dashboard.

For example, users could create new products in a Products list, then jump to a dashboard to enter additional information about those products.

Configuring a Create action

When you hover over a Create action button, a tooltip displays the name of the list to which you can add items, and the name of the dashboard they will be taken to when the action executes.

Two conditions are imposed on a Create action for numbered lists:

  • a Create action can only be applied if the list has been assigned a parent in the hierarchy — this excludes the Users list.
  • to use a Create action, the user must have Write access to the branch of the parent hierarchy in to which the new items will be inserted.

There are additional options to enhance Create actions:

  • Prompt for Parent(s) enables users to select list items of the parent hierarchy .
  • Prompt to show all or only recently created items restricts the number of items users see.

Where an Action has been configured to restrict the number of items in this way, and:

  • the target dashboard grid does not have the specified list on either rows and columns in a grid, or
  • the dashboard grid has Synchronize Selection enabled,

a Copy confirmation dialog is displayed rather than the dialog to Show all new items.

Display names

When an action completes, new list items are given a unique identifying number but not a name. When a newly-created list item's display name is entered, this value appears in any modules and dashboard grids that display the list. If duplicate display names are entered, to differentiate them, the item's unique identifying number is appended to the display name in the Tree View tab for the list.

This topic shows how to set up and deploy Create actions:

Set up a Create Action

A 60-character limit is imposed on button labels — a warning displays if you exceed that limit.

If the Prompt for Parent(s) check box is selected, you will be prompted to select items in the parent hierarchy. If this option is deselected, a single default parent item is used by the Create action. The default parent depends on user actions prior to selecting the Create button:

  • If a user clicks the button immediately, before a parent context is established, the first item in the parent hierarchy is used.
  • If a user performs some action on the dashboard within a parent list — such as selecting a parent or a cell under a parent — a context is established for the Create action and that parent is used.

Create Action

  1. In Model Settings click Actions.
  2. Click the New Action button and select Create from the dropdown list. The Create dialog displays.
  3. In the Button text field, enter a label for the button.
  4. From the Create Item in dropdown, select the numbered list to which items will be added. If the numbered list you want to create the action for is not displayed, check that the list has been assigned a parent in the hierarchy.
  5. From the Default Dashboard to open dropdown, select the target dashboard.
  6. Select the Prompt for Parent(s) check box to prompt users to select items in the parent hierarchy.
  7. If you want to show all items, or only those created when they perform the Create action, select the Prompt to show all/recently created only check box.
  8. Click OK.

Deploy an Action to a dashboard

  1. Select the action, and from the View menu select Publish to Dashboard.
  2. Select the required dashboard from the list. The dashboard opens in the Dashboard Designer with the Create action button appended to the bottom of the canvas. The Properties Panel will be blank as there are no properties for buttons.
  3. Select the action button and drag it to the required location on the dashboard.
  4. Click Save & Exit on the dashboard toolbar.

Create items in a numbered list subset

Create actions can create items in a numbered list subset.

In this example, the Create action is configured to create new items for the Products Type B subset of the Products list.

When users click Create Product B, the Create Action dialog displays to select parent hierarchy items.

In this example, two parent Promotions are selected for the Create action: Shave & Shine in West region and Cleanse & Protect in South region:

Opening the Grid View for the Products list shows these new items as list items of the Products Type B list subset: