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Administering Anaplan

Model & Workspace Size

How to find out your model, workspace size and workspace utilization.

Add a User to a Model

How to add a user to a model.

Workspace Administrator / End User

Understand the differences between a Workspace Administrator and a End User.

Navigate to another Model in a Workspace

How to navigate between models in your workspace.

Add a Module to a Model

How to add a new module to your model.

Assign Modules to Functional Areas

How to assign modules to functional areas.

Import & Export Users

About user maintenance for Workspace Administrators.

Selective Access - Basics

How to set up Selective Access in Anaplan.

Selective Access - Advanced

How to get the most out of Selective Access in Anaplan.

Export Entire Model

How to export and save all formulas, hierarchies and logic in your model.

Identify Anaplan Icons

Understand which icons represent each function or feature within Anaplan.


Add a List to a Model

How to add a list to a model.

Add a List to a Dashboard

How to add a list to a dashboard for maintenance by a End User.

Add a Property to a List

How to add a property to a list.

Composite Lists

How to use composite lists in Anaplan.

The Blueprint

Model & Module Blueprint

How to use the Blueprint to view a snapshot of all modules in a model.

Dashboards & Charts

Dashboard Designer

How to create awesome dashboards.

Height & Width

Understand height and width settings, and how to resize elements on a dashboard automatically.

Move, Delete, & Resize Elements

How to move, delete and resize elements on your dashboards.

Open a Source Module

How to discover which module a dashboard element is based on.

Chart Options

How to create and configure a chart.

Funnel Charts

How to create and configure a funnel chart.

Model Building

Add Years

How to add years to your model.

Copy Versions

How to copy data across versions in your model.

Default View

How to set the default view.

Add / Delete Versions

How to add and delete versions.

Change Fiscal Year

How to change the fiscal year in your model.

Change the Timescale in a Module

How to change the timescale for your module.

Mixed Timescales

How to use mixed timescales in Anaplan.

Change Switchover Date

How to change the switchover date between actual and forecast in your model.

Model in Weeks

How to model in weeks.

Filter Options

About the filter options in Anaplan.

Formula Comparison between Versions

How to compare formulas between versions in your model.

Conditional Formatting

How to use conditional formatting in Anaplan.

Filter Using Data from Another Module

How to filter data in one module using data from another module.

Column Widths

How to adjust column and row widths in Anaplan.

Data Access Control

How to control data access by setting up users, roles, selective access, security and workflow.

Import Data into Modules - File Upload

How to import data into a module using an uploaded file.

Import Data into Modules - Anaplan Model

How to import data into a module by connecting to another Anaplan model.

Currency Conversion

How to forecast in multiple currencies and consolidate in a central currency.


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