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  5. Card types
  6. Configure a KPI card
  7. Add a sparkline to a KPI card

A sparkline is a simple chart that shows how numeric values change over the built-in time dimension of the model.

For a numeric KPI card, use the Card configuration panel to add a Sparkline and configure its options.

To show a KPI card's Card configuration panel, either:

  • When you create a new KPI card, click the Configure KPI button, or
  • Select or hover over an existing card on your page and click the Edit icon.

To add a sparkline to a KPI card and configure it, 

  1. In the Card configuration panel, select the KPI tab,
  2. Enable the Sparkline toggle.
  3. Optionally, enable the Data labels toggle.
    When Data labels is enabled, a data label displays when you hover over a data point in the chart.