You can add tooltips to buttons on dashboards and to grids or line items that have been published to dashboards. Consider using tooltips instead of text boxes, that take up valuable space on dashboards, to provide instructions or guidelines for your users.

You can display an icon to alert users to the existence of a tooltip, for line items and grids on a dashboard. Hovering over the icon will cause the tooltip to display. If you choose not to display the icon, the tooltip will display when a user hovers over the name of the grid or line item.

Dashboard buttons don't have anywhere to display an icon, so the tooltip displays when users hover over the button.

Add a tooltip

In the Dashboard Designer Properties panel, you define a tooltip in the Usability section.

To add a tooltip to a line item, grid, or button:

  1. Select a line item, grid, or button on the Dashboard Designer Canvas.
  2. In the Tooltip field, in the Usability section, enter the text you want to display.
  3. Click the Display Icon checkbox if you want to display the tooltip icon for a line item or grid.
    The Display Icon checkbox isn't available for dashboard buttons.
  4. If the dashboard toolbar is hidden, show the toolbar:
  5. Click Save & Exit to publish the dashboard.

This icon is now displayed on the grid or line item:

Line items


When the user hovers over the icon, it changes color and the tooltip text is displayed.

Line items


When the user hovers the mouse pointer over a dashboard button, the tooltip is displayed.


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