1. Modeling
  2. Dimensions
  3. List Subsets

List subsets are lists that contain a selection of items from a larger list. Reducing cell count and sparsity in a model, list subsets enable reuse of list items. A single list item can belong to multiple list subsets.

It's not possible to use a list and a subset created from it in the same module.

To illustrate, say you assign transactions from a transactions list, Transactions, to a list subset, Card Transactions. Card Transactions can then be used as a list in its own right in a module. Only the items assigned to Card Transactions will appear in the module.

List subsets cannot be used in the same module as the list from which they were created.

Create a list subset

  1. In Lists and Roll-ups > General Lists, open the list that is to be the source of the subset.
  2. Select the Subsets tab and click Insert.
  3. Enter a name for the subset and click OK.
    The new subset is displayed in the list of subsets.
  4. Select the Grid View tab.
    A new column, bearing the name of the subset, is displayed. For more information on this grid, see Search.
  5. Select the items to include in the subset.