1. Modeling
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  3. Search for objects

Use Search to find any object in your model.  

You can use Search to find modules, versions, lists, line items, users, actions, classic dashboards, page selectors, revision tags, and data tags.

There are multiple ways to search for objects in your model. You can:

  • Select the Search icon in the model settings bar, and type a search phrase in the search box that displays. All the search results are shown in the All tab. You can filter the results by clicking the ModulesDashboards, and Lists tabs.
  • Use the shortcut keys: CTRL+SHIFT+F for Windows and CMD+SHIFT+F for the Mac. This also causes a search box to display.
  • Navigate to a Model setting icon, for example General Lists in the Model settings bar, and then select the Search icon in the toolbar. 

When you search for line items, the dimension they belong to displays to the left of the search result.