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  4. Publish to a Dashboard
  5. Publish Selected Line Items to a Dashboard

You can publish line items to a dashboard to enable data entry. The data you enter automatically updates the source module.

This feature functions similarly to a field card on a board in the User Experience. However, as the line items you select are published individually you can move them to different areas of your dashboard when you design your dashboard layout.

You can create a new dashboard dedicated to data entry that only displays the line items you publish. Alternatively, you can publish selected line items to a dashboard that already exists.

Whatever layout you choose, ensure your dashboard components match the order the user accesses the data they enter. This helps the person who enters the data work efficiently.


Suppose an HR manager wants to enter employee details into an Employees module. Employees uses an Employee names list and various line items to capture different aspects of the employees' data. The HR manager is not a model builder, so they do not have access to the module.

To enable the HR manager to enter the data, you can create an Employee details dashboard. Publish line items from the module as a series of fields, and use Employee names as a page selector. The HR manager can enter employee data into the fields for each employee and use the page selector to switch between employees.

Publish selected line items to a dashboard

To publish a line item or items to a dashboard:

  1. Open a module, and, if necessary, pivot to display line items on rows.
  2. Select the line item or items you want to publish to your dashboard.
    You can select anywhere in the row for the line item or items you want to select.
    To select multiple contiguous line items, select one, then hold down shift and select another. Those line items and all the line items in between are selected.
    To select multiple noncontiguous line items, select one, then hold down Ctrl (on a PC) or Command (on a Mac). Each additional line item you click is selected until you release Ctrl or Command.
  3. Click View in the toolbar.
    The View menu displays.
  4. Select Publish Selected Line Items to Dashboard and choose a dashboard (or create a new one). 
    Dashboard Designer displays with your chosen dashboard open and the line items you selected at the bottom. 
  5. Optionally, rearrange the dashboard components:
    • To move a dashboard component, select it, then click and drag the blue Move handle to position it.
    • To resize a dashboard component, hover over the bottom right-hand corner of the component until an arrow displays. Click and drag the arrow to expand or contract the component.
  6. Select Save or Save & Exit on the dashboard toolbar.
    The line items you selected display on the published dashboard.