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  3. What's new in modeling?

We've added some new features to improve your model building experience, while keeping those features we know you love.


Both model builders and users can switch between models in different workspaces with just a few clicks. Using a navigation bar, you can move around your models with ease.

The navigation bar runs horizontally along the top of the window. Starting from the left, there is a home button, a menu that you can select which area of Anaplan to go to, and a model selection menu. On the right side, from right to left , you can access your account and log off, access help resources, see notifications, and search.

You can perform these tasks from the navigation bar:

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Switch between applications.
  3. Change models. 
  4. Access Help resources.
  5. Access your account, and log off.

New model settings bar

Model builders can quickly get to the model settings from a dedicated model settings bar. Previously you accessed model settings from the Model Settings tab on the toolbar.

The model settings bar runs vertically down the left side of Anaplan

Find out more in Configure models.

Search and navigate

Search and navigation in your model is made simple with a keyboard shortcut. Use CTRL+SHIFT+F for Windows and CMD+SHIFT+F for Mac. You can also search in your model by selecting in the model settings bar. Type a search phrase to search for an object in the model. The search includes modules, dashboards, and lists.

Find out more in Search in models.

New formula editor

The new formula editor includes syntax highlighting to make it easier for you to build complex formulas.

The formula editor opens in a pane at the bottom of Anaplan

Find out more in Add formulas using the formula editor.

Lists open in tabs for easier modeling

You can open lists and line item subsets as individual tabs, in the same way as you open modules and dashboards, making modeling easier.

Link to objects in a model

You can copy the URL for modules, lists, dashboards, and other model objects and paste the URL into a browser to go directly to the object. You can embed the URL into a web page as a link. Or you could send the URL to a colleague and they can paste it into a browser to go straight to the object, if they have the right permissions.

New look Contents

As well as a new look to Contents, individual saved views are highlighted when you select them. Previously, the whole group of views was selected.

Model size and cell count

You can see model size and cell count by hovering over in the model settings bar. Previously this was a toggle at the top of the Model Settings pane.

New way to access the Model Map

Open the Model Map by selecting  instead of the tab at the top of the screen.