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  2. Google Sheets Add-on
  3. Settings
  4. Change the default settings

Choose whether Anaplan formatting and styling is applied to your worksheet when you create or refresh a connection.

You must be signed in to the Google Sheets Add-on to change the default settings.

Only the connection owner can change the default settings that apply to connections in a spreadsheet. 

If you are not the connection owner for the current spreadsheet, the Add-on features are disabled, and a message displays the name of the connection owner in the sidebar. You can ask the connection owner to change the settings, or you can create a new connection in another spreadsheet and change the settings there.

Anaplan formatting is always enabled for read-write connections.  If you deselect Apply Anaplan formatting, this only affects read-only connections.

To change the default settings for the Google Sheets Add-on:

  1. In the Anaplan sidebar, select Settings.
    The Settings menu opens.
  2. Select the settings you want to apply to your Anaplan data when you create a new connection or refresh a connection:
    • Select the Apply Anaplan formatting checkbox to ensure cell formatting from Anaplan is applied.
    • Select the Apply Anaplan styling checkbox to ensure that Anaplan styles are applied to your data, such as cell borders, cell colors, font colors, etc.
  3. Click OK.
    You're returned to the Anaplan sidebar.
    Your formatting and styling settings are applied the next time you refresh your data or create a new connection.