When you design a custom view, you can sort columns and rows in the view by ascending or descending order.

If you sort a grid as you design your view, you can ensure end users can find the data they need more quickly.

Users can also sort a grid, once you publish the grid. If they later unsort the grid, the data reverts to the order you set.

You can set the sort for a grid on a custom view. Module views are not customizable.

You can create custom views for:

  • grids on a worksheet,
  • grid cards on boards,
  • KPI cards, and
  • chart cards.

KPI cards always display the top-left cell of a grid. You can sort the custom view used by a KPI card to ensure the highest or lowest value in a row or column displays in the top-left cell, and on the card.

When you apply a sort to a row or column that is an axis on a chart card, the order of values on the axis changes.

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