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Spreads a value evenly over a number of whole periods.

This function is useful for calculating straight-line depreciation.




  • x: Number - value to divide
  • n: Number - number of periods


Input Format Output Format

x: Number

n: Number: Decimal converted to integer



The function uses the following arguments:

  • x: Number: Numeric line item, property, or expression.
  • n: Number: Numeric line item, property, or expression.


The function has the following constraints:

  • This function divides a value over whole periods, so does not accept a decimal value for the number of periods.
  • The time range providing arguments to a line item must match the time range for the result line item. Any formula that conflicts with this rule will be rejected. For more information, see Search.
  • A non-time series function, used as a sub-expression of this function, must use the same time range as the line item to which the formula is applied. Combining time series functions and non-time series functions with a time range could return an unexpected result or an error message. For more information, see Time Ranges and Time Series Functions.

Excel equivalent

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A module is configured to show Time in Columns with a Month time scale, with line items as Rows. Line items are Value to Spread and Spread.

The formula

SPREAD(Value to spread, 4)        

is added to the Spread line item.

When a value 10000 is entered into the Value to Spread cell for January, the value is spread over the next 4 months.

If an additional value 4000 is added in March, that value is also spread over the next 4 months; the overlapping months are summed to provide a final figure (as long as the Summary Method for the row is set to SUM).

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