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  2. Google Sheets Add-on
  3. Find Google Sheets Add-on help and information

You can access help, support, and further information via the Help and about menu.

The Google Sheets Add-on is in early access (EA), and is only available to participants of the EA program.

Find out more about early access or how to register your interest in our current EA programs.

To get help using the Google Sheets Add-on:

  1. Click Help and about in the Anaplan sidebar.
    The Help and about menu displays.
Google Sheets with the Anaplan sidebar open. The Help and about menu displays with two sub-headings: Help and About. Under Help are two links: Anapedia and Contact support. Under About the Add-on version and Session ID display.

Under the Help heading, you can:

  • click Anapedia to open the Google Sheets Add-on documentation and learn how to use the Add-on, and
  • click Support to send an email to Anaplan Support, who can assist if you have an issue with the Google Sheets Add-on.
    An email opens pre-populated with information about the Add-on version and browser you're using, along with your session ID. 

Under the About heading in the Help and about menu, you can check your version of the Add-on and view your session ID.