1. Data integration
  2. Anaplan API Guide and Reference

Our REST APIs enable integrations from your Anaplan models to your applications. 

  • Responses and errors are in JSON format
  • Webhooks notify you of all API events
  • Calls are carried over HTTPS and secured with OAuth2

You should be familiar with RESTful APIs and the specific requirements of each API call. At minimum, you'll need the Anaplan modelID, workspaceID, and moduleID handy. 

Below is a summary of the Anaplan API packages.

Integration API v2.0

The alternative to Anaplan Connect, Anaplan's API client command-line utility. The integration API includes both the bulk and transactional APIs. Use these to:

  • Simply process bulk data from thousands to millions of company records
  • Manage and customize transactional metadata queries and displays

Go to Integration API v2.0(opens external page)

(Version 1.3(opens external page) is still supported. We recommend you use version 2.0.)

Application Lifecycle Management

Promote model changes from your staging, or development environment to your production environment.
To use ALM, you need a Professional or Enterprise subscription. 

Go to Application Lifecycle Management API(opens external page).

Audit API

Track audit events and alerts from your Anaplan tenant into security information and event management (SIEM) services.

Go to Audit API(opens external page).

Authentication service API

Create, refresh, or get details about your {anaplan_auth_token}.

Go to Authentication service API(opens external page)

CloudWorks API 

Create your own integrations with Amazon Web Services S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Big Query cloud storage. We recommend you use the revised Version 2.0, but the last version (1.0) is still supported.

Go to CloudWorks API(opens external page)

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) API 

Build integrations via your supported identity management tools with the SCIM(opens external page) API package. You can also automate the management of your user identity records with this set of API calls.

Go to SCIM API(opens external page).